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If there’s a single factor that determines a successful construction project, it is precise planning and careful attention to detail at every step, from estimating and scheduling to on site management and quality control.

Estimating: Where quality meets value.

Our detailed estimating practices give our clients and their architects the information they need to make smart construction and design decisions. R and M Builders use state of the art estimating software, with an extensive up to date database of construction costs to assist in creating comprehensive estimates that offer value engineering options, constructability analysis

Scheduling: Putting time on your side.

By producing a master schedule of the project early in the conceptual design stages, and continually updating them, we offer clients a tight, accurate schedule they can depend on.

We create a detailed schedule and simulation model that incorporates relevant information from the client, architect, and other consultants, and includes pre-construction activities such as zoning, planning, and design. We add durations and milestones for all critical tasks and our management continually reviews and monitors the project schedule.

Quality Control:

If we were to select a single reason that clients return to us to build their new projects, it would be our dedication to quality. Every member of the team, from management through our workers on site, bring a personal commitment to top-quality work at every step in the process.

In addition, our subcontractor performance evaluation process gives us the means to monitor our subcontractors’ work on a regular basis. To this end, we have developed a performance questionnaire that measures a wide range of factors, including quality of work, technical skills, safety practices, teamwork, and financial performance. This gives us an objective tool to measure subcontractor performance on every project, select subs for future contracts, and provide feedback to the subcontractors for self-improvement.

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